The need for bravery in a crisis

  • Global warming: season shifts with unprecedented storms, cyclones, or heavy rains causing either flooding, mudslides and related disasters and loss of life, or droughts, on the other hand, causing famine, poverty and related ills
  • COVID-19: damage worldwide on lives and livelihoods, mental health and emotional well-being
  1. Body — check whether you are eating more or less, check for pain, headaches, cramps or ulcers, check whether you are sleeping more or less than normal and check whether you are smoking or drinking more than usual.
  2. Relationships — check whether you are withdrawing from others, feeling alone when with others, being more impatient and experiencing less intimacy.
  3. Attitude — check whether you are feeling negative about yourself, down, depressed, moody or sad. Feeling overwhelmed by these emotions disempowers and debilitates.
  4. Value add — check whether you are struggling to focus at work, making more mistakes than usual, working more slowly and thus not finishing your work and drifting or struggling to remember things.
  5. Energy — check whether you are not enjoying activities that you used to enjoy, not exercising because you don’t feel like it, are always feeling tired and are not able to stop worrying.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills


Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.