Team collaboration comes at a price

  1. Dismantling institutionalised power pyramids — breaking down old ways of getting things done and flattening authoritarian structures. Decision-making opportunities need to be offered to the lowest levels possible to engender a sense of ownership among all employees.
  2. Shattering the glass ceiling — make deliberate efforts not only to include women in all activities and operations of the company, but appoint women to the most senior positions.
  3. Dealing with any surfacing unconscious bias — challenge decisions before they are communicated to the company employees or the customers to check for anything that even hints of prejudice.
  4. Establishing diversity as the standard operating procedure — for all meetings, make sure that there is diverse representation present (the leader could say, for example: “We know that the three of us have similar thoughts and opinions on the matter, so let’s postpone the decision until we have more different opinions available for our discussions”).
  5. Communicating the collaboration expectation clearly — make collaboration part of the on-boarding process so that even new recruits know minimum expectations at the outset.
  6. Rewarding collaboration primarily — not downplaying individual excellence, but encouraging the team to succeed as a whole.
  7. Publishing and celebrating collaboration success stories — ongoing demonstrations of the benefits of collaboration and how they can far exceed expectations.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills


Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.