Leaders, beware of oversimplification

  • Oversimplifying the problem — not getting to grips with all the facts and feelings that created the issue in the first place
  • Oversimplifying the solution — producing a solution that is either incomplete or ineffective at achieving the desired objective
  1. Create a climate of trust — citizens or employees need to have faith in their leadership based on consistency, character, and competence. Leaders are watched all the time and they need to behave themselves into a position of trustworthiness — unquestionable credibility.
  2. Create a culture of inclusion — value all and encourage diversity in all its forms, but especially of thought. Co-creation breeds a strong sense of belonging and a will to contribute more frequently.
  3. Create open and safe communication channels — start by listening well and expressing empathy. Continue by reflecting for understanding. Acknowledge the ideas of others. Always give recognition when appropriate.
  4. Create opportunities to share a common cause — why we exist, our vision, our common purpose, the “big picture”, and our preferred future reality need to be clear in the minds of everyone. A blurred vision confuses and causes participation paralysis.
  5. Create chances for demonstrating care — real care comes from the heart, but it needs to be enacted. Identify with pain, frustration, and hardship in practical ways. Be there when your people need you. When you do arrive, be fully present.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.