Hope for the hurting

  • Up to 37% of adults show signs of psychological distress
  • Up to 45% of adults feel adverse effects on mental health
  • 25% of USA adult citizens reported feeling a lot of sadness the previous day
  • Up to 70% of adults feel that this period is the most stressful of their careers
  • 25% of young adults recently considered taking their own lives
  1. Provide forums to debrief hurt — give employees the opportunity to talk through the pain that they are feeling and allow them to express their fears. This display of care enables employees to face hurt and take the first steps towards healing.
  2. Encourage involvement and participation — working together on projects, being part of decision-making and idea generation and being given responsibility for certain tasks give employees a sense of belonging and stimulates ownership.
  3. Provide professional help for those struggling with anxiety or depression — a professional has the expertise and experience to help employees tackle the very specific thoughts, feelings and challenges in their lives. They are able to provide staff with specific tools that they can use to change their thinking processes and find hope once more.
  4. Listen frequently — being truly present on the shop floor (not emotionally distant) gives employees a sense that their leader is alongside them during tough times. Don’t only hear what is said, but listen for what is not being said.
  5. Be a source of hope for others — even though you might be struggling, you have the power to bring hope to other people by giving of your time and energy to their needs. This might mean helping out in their respective communities or performing acts of kindness and generosity to them.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills


Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.