Harnessing exploitable energy amongst employees

  • Physically integrated offices and user-friendly building and facilities, including up to date technology
  • The ability to have flexibility in how she works (hours, location)
  • The freedom for her to express her giftedness and uniqueness
  • The ability to make decisions up to her level of accountability
  • The opportunity to influence direction and strategy
  • The freedom to try out new things
  • The possibility to work on many projects simultaneously
  • The opportunity to relate to and collaborate with colleagues in different teams
  1. Offering trust — extending trust means “I believe in you” and typically results in employees not letting the manager down. It gives the employee the opportunity to make decisions and self-manage work volumes, priorities and focus areas.
  2. Presence — absent leadership (physical and emotional) creates doubt and insecurity amongst employees. Leaders should spend time focusing on individuals, walking the floor, listening to ideas, etc.
  3. Feedback — all employees need to understand where they are doing well and also where they are not meeting expectations. Feedback helps identify growth areas and shows staff that the manager cares.
  4. Stretch — reasonable amounts of “stretch” need to be built into everyone’s jobs. No-one really wants to do exactly the same thing every day — managers should give employees the opportunity to do things outside of their respective comfort zones (e.g. lead the next team meeting, or do a presentation on one of our company values, etc.)
  5. Communication — withholding information debilitates team members. Offer staff as much big picture, direction and vision and strategy information as possible. Focus on the emotional nature of communication — emotional intelligence is required.
  6. Celebration of achievements — acknowledgement, recognition and the celebration of excellence is part of growing an achieving culture (one that wins). People need to feel valued and receive rewards.
  7. Involvement — in worthwhile projects, idea creation and strategy formulation. Leaders must demonstrate that they value input from employees.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.