Don’t “snooper-vise”, rather lead

  • A lack of trust
  • Intent and integrity being questioned
  • Insecurity and unease
  • A lack of transparency
  1. Growing a trust environment — employees need to feel safe in their relationships with all their colleagues, but especially with their boss. A trust environment ensues when managers are consistent, fair, caring, transparent and authentic.
  2. Communicating effectively — give staff sufficient information (don’t keep them in the dark), focus on the “big picture”, discuss concerns objectively, solicit ideas, acknowledge high performance and address low performance and laugh a lot.
  3. Connecting employees to organisational values and goals — draw the dotted line between employee contribution and the value that this creates for the organisation.
  4. Getting employees to think — managers employ staff not just for their feet and hands, but also for their minds and hearts. Don’t think for staff, but rather give opportunity for employees to solve problems, implement new ideas and come up with their own solutions. This also feeds a sense of autonomy and generates more confidence.
  5. Treating all employees with dignity and respect — value the human being, treat everyone fairly, build into their sense of status, grow their self-esteem, acknowledge effort and reward employees appropriately.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills


Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.