Beware of sedentary senior leaders

  1. Authenticitythis is what the company stands for (in terms of vision, mission, values, and strategic direction) and so do I, so you can trust me to talk to you about your performance in relation to company expectations honestly.
  2. FairnessI will always treat everyone fairly in the company and give all my subordinates opportunities to excel. I will not take sides or favour anyone.
  3. Genuine careI want to see you grow your skills, improve your perspective, and develop your career. I will treat our relationship as a set of learning opportunities.
  4. RespectI will uphold the dignity of everyone and respect all subordinates. I will communicate respectfully with you.
  5. Removing obstacleswhere possible, I will attempt to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and meaningless reports and rather create an empowering environment where you can give of your best.
  6. Vision impartationI will give you sufficient information so that you are able to relate your job role to the “bigger picture” of the company and its plan to get there.
  7. Presencewhilst I will not always be available, I am accessible. I will attempt to listen to you with emotional understanding. I will, however, not allow you to become dependent on me as this is not only unhealthy, but also stunts your growth.



Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.

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