Accelerating team confidence

  • Being an “answer-provider” — rather solicit solutions from team members
  • Saying: “You need to become more confident” — rather find practical situations where team confidence can grow
  • Criticism and disparaging comments — constructive feedback is a far more energising approach
  • Over-boosting with meaningless phrases (like: “You are my go-to team”) — insincerity is picked up quickly and respect will be lost
  1. Creating situations where team members can practise — giving them time and support to become experts. Increase the level of difficulty as the employee gains confidence.
  2. Appointing a coach/mentor for new employees — this “roadside assistance” (on the job) encourages employees, and they don’t feel as if thrown in the deep end.
  3. Offering communication opportunities — communication is a malleable skill and research shows that it is one of the easiest abilities to develop. Communicating clearly and providing others with clear direction builds confidence quickly.
  4. Providing clear stretch goals — confidence increases substantially when team members achieve what they initially thought to be impossible.
  5. Facilitating opportunities to lead — leading team meetings or representing the team in a presentation or meeting can be challenging for some employees, but it also sends a message that they are trusted and respected and subsequently builds confidence.
  6. Supplying needed resources and removing obstacles to success — this avoids potential frustration and exemplifies care.
  7. Appointing employees as coaches for new recruits — helping others to learn new skills reinforces the importance of their own knowledge and skills. They also learn when they teach.



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Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills


Jonathan has spent over 30 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout the world. He believes that people have the most impact when stretched.